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Samuel & Abbey

On Saturday 17th February I captured the #wedding of Samuel and Abbey at Priston Mill nr Bath. My day started with Abbey where she had The Beauty Room - Bristol Airbrush Makeup Artist, Nails, Tans & more sorting out make-up and a hair station. Abbey was in good hands getting ready. There were lots of love reminders around the home about the wedding being on the 17th. Sam had also got Abbey a lovely gift and left a special message inside the card. Just before I left I captured a cheers shot and all the brides maids had personalised glasses for the toast.
At Priston Mill I met Sam and the lads and he was very relaxed. After getting a few shots of him I then captured guests as they started to arrive. It wasn't long until everybody had to take there seats ready for the arrival of Abbey. She arrived in a silver Mercedes-Benz and her bridesmaid's were on hand to help fluff her dress and sort out her flowers. The wedding ceremony went very well, there were a couple of lovely readying and I big kiss to seal the marriage.

After the wedding all the guests got a drink and went outside into the garden. The Sun in and out but when it was shining, it was rather warm. It meant we could get all the photos done outside and there was a lot time to chat with guests and enjoy the day. The detail in the wedding breakfast room was great and I had a lot of fun with the leds around the flower arrangements. After the wedding breakfast there were 4 speeches. All the gents did a fine job and kept the guests entertained.
My evening started getting special guest messages from family and friends. Afterwards the sparklers were out and two lines were formed. I managed to get some lovely footage and hopefully your agree with the still shots.
There was also photo booth for guests to enjoy. Just before the first dance Abbey got a massive surprise as she had a video message from jamie lawson wishing her and Sam well before The Stiff Upper Lips performed a live first dance. Afterwards the party kicked of with the bands first set and a crowded dance floor. Congratulations Sam and Abbey Lee



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