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Hoss & Kim Wedding at The Grange Hotel

On Saturday 23rd June I captured the #wedding of Hoss and Kim at the Grange hotel. It was perfect weather conditions and the sun was shinning brightly. My day started with Kim and her bridesmaid's, Stacey Jade hair was busy sorting out mum's hair. A make-up artist was sorting out the bridesmaids and Kim was sorting out fine bits ready for the wedding. I managed to capture the dress and details along with the bouquet of flowers. Kim then started having her hair styled and I managed to get a few shots before going to await the arrival of Hoss. On my way I stopped by the wedding ceremony room and it looked lovely. Enchanted Weddings and events had provided chair covers, wedding fairies did the flowers and the was also love letters and decor by Milla events. Outside and guests started to arrive, Hoss arrived with his sons and everybody was in good spirits. I saw Kim getting her dress done up and the moment that her dad saw her for the first time. Guests started to take their seats…

Nick & Kayley Wedding at Coombe Lodge Blagdon

On Friday 22nd June I captured the #wedding of Nicholas and Kayley at Coombe Lodge. It was a perfect day, blue skies and not a cloud in sight. It was going to be my second outdoor wedding of the week, great British weather on our side. My day started with Kayley who was busy getting her hair styled by Stacey Jade hair. There was a make-up artist touching up the bridesmaids and Kayley had the flower girls each in turn sitting on her lap while she sorted there hair out. I managed to capture dress and detail shots before going to see nick and his final stages of preparations they were all looking dapper in suits provided by the original mobile Menswear. Once all the groomsmen were ready they went down stairs, got their button holes on and had a picture altogether.  Guest started to arrive and I popped back up to see Kayley getting into her dress and the moment her dad saw her for the first time. Back outside and guests were asked to take there seats ready as the bridal party walked up th…

The Wedding of Scott & Alicja @ Commbe Lodge, Bristol

On Monday 18th June I captured the #wedding of Scott and Alicja at Coombe Lodge at Blagdon. The weather was looking great and I was set to capture my second outdoor wedding of the year. I started my day with Alicja and her bridesmaid's, a hair dresser was styling the maid of honor and the other bridesmaid's we're getting dresses out, shoes in order and generally helping out. Alicja then had her hair styled and her vale put in. There was just enough time for a bottle of bubbly to get opened and a big cheers shot. I then went to see Scott who was also getting ready with his groomsmen, the bridesmaids arrived with a present for him and it was a lovely box of gifts and a note in the card. Thankfully Scott had remembered a present and he got his groomsmen to deliver. 
Alicja got the jewelry she had wanted to wear with the dress. When Scott was ready he went downstairs to have a few pictures and then meet family and friends in the garden area. I managed to capture dad meeting Ali…

Sam & Ella @ Tracy Park

On Saturday 16th June I captured the #wedding of Sam and Ella at Tracy Park. It was a warm day with a risk of a shower but I had my fingers crossed that we wouldn't be effected. I started my day with Ella and her bridesmaid's. There was a hair station and Kalon Studios was busy applying makeup. Sam had got a present and card for Ella and it was a lovely moment capturing her open it. Once the flower girls arrived I got all the dresses and shoes together and captured a few detail shots. Ella then had a few make up touch ups before all the bridal party went outside to open a bottle of bubbly and everybody had a big cheers shot. Ella then went inside to start her hair styling. I awaited Sams arrival, it was going to be special and he arrived in a ushers Mercedes-Benz convertible. Once all of Sam's groomsmen arrived they got their button holes in and had a couple of shots. The room looked lovely with Enchanted Wedding, Events & Parties Bristol styling the decor. Guests star…

Stuart & Marion @ Holy Trinity Church Westbury-on-Tryn & The Grange Hotel

On Saturday 9th June I captured the