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Bradley & Sarah

On Saturday 10th February I captured the #wedding of Bradley and Sarah at Coombe Lodge at Blagdon. This was my first wedding of 2018 and I was excited to get back in to it again. My day started with Sarah for bridal preparations with her bridesmaid's. The was a hair and make-up station and upstairs all the dress and shoes were lined up ready to capture. Sarah was also given a present from Bradley and thankfully he had listened to her request for a pair of ear rings. There was also a candle and a lovely letter just hot everybody welling up. Just before I left bottle of champagne got popped open and everybody had a toast.
I then went to Coombe Lodge to meet Brad and the lads. Unfortunately, it was raining so I managed to get a group shot by the bar area. Guests started to arrive, and it was lovely seeing a few couples who's weddings I had captured in the past. John Lambert Toastmaster was in charge of proceedings for the day and it wasn't long until Sarah arrived with her day in a wedding car provided by Spirit Wedding Cars. I had waited outside in the pouring rain for 5 minutes to capture her come up the drive way. I was absolutely soaked but glad I had captured the shot I needed.

During the wedding guests were shocked when the ring bearer turned out to be Brad and Sarah's dog. It made a surprised entrance and ran up the aisle with the rings attached to his neck. Thankfully all when to plan, the dog was very well behaved. After the wedding all guest were treated to a drink and canapes. The rain was still coming down so we all stayed indoors, I captured guests enjoying themselves and detail shots of the wedding breakfast room. The table centre pieces looked absolutely amazing.
After the wedding breakfast it was time for the speeches, I really enjoyed them and definitely will pinch a one liner from the best man for my best man's speech.
My evening started by getting so night shots of Brad and Sarah, it had stopped raining and I managed to capture some really nice shots. The was a sweet table and Brizzle Booth provided a photo booth. I got some lovely shots of guested enjoying themselves with the props provided. I got a lot of guest messages and one very special message that is up there with one of the finest captured ever. Can't revealing details as I'm going to leave it as a surprise.
The party began with a Mr and Mrs game set up by one of the best men, then another surprise for everyone. During the first dance it was gate crashed by The Bureau of Random Acts Granthology. After a mesmerising dance they set up a girl’s V boys dance off. Only one winner and the girls ruled the way. I had a fantastic time and it really kicked my year of in style. Congratulations Bradley and Sarah Jayne Prosser x


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