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Mitch & Charis Wedding at Coombe Lodge

On Monday 4th February I captured the #wedding of Mitch and Charis at Coombe Lodge. The weather was clearing and it was set tube a lovely day. My day started with Charis and her bridesmaid's. There was a hair and make up station and this was even special as it was Charis's good friends helping her get ready. The dress was from A Class Brides and it looked truly stunning with one of the biggest trails I've seen in recent months. Mitch was also getting ready in another room and it was  nice seeing him and his groomsmen sort out final preparations all the suits were provided by The Orginal Mobile Menswear. Sam the best man got everybodys button holes on and then all the guys went down stairs for a few pictures outside. Charis was now in her dress with mum helping do up the buttons at the back. Dad then walked in to see her for the first time followed by the bridesmaids. Down stairs and guests had taken there seats ready for the wedding ceremony to begin. ClaireDibble Harpist

Sam & Tess Wedding at Kingscote Barn

On Friday 25th of January I captured the #wedding of Sam and Tess at Kingscote Barn. Once again the weather was lovely for January with a mild temperature, blue sky and a few clouds. My day started with Tess and her bridal party, there were hair stations and a make up artist. All of the dresses were in a separate room along with the shoes and jewelry. The rings were also with Tess and they were presented in a lovely engraved box. Back with the bridal party and Tess was having her hair finished when a lovely surprise from Sam's best women.  It was a presents with some ear rings and a little bottle of champagne and a personalised glass. I went to Sam's room to see his final prep and the bridesmaids arrived with a special present from Tess. Lots of small gifts and a few rare bottles of Sam's favorite cider. I then went to see Tess who was now in her wedding dress and her mum was helping do all the buttons up. Shortly after Tess's dad came in for a first look and Tess's…

Sean & Leila Wedding at The Clifton Pavilion

On Friday the 11th January I captured the #wedding of Sean and Leila at The Clifton Pavilion. The weather was rather warm for January and the sky was full of cloud. My day started with Leila and the bridal party at mum and dads house. There was a hair station and Leila was on the make-up station. I went upstairs to capture the dresses and was amazed at the personalised coat hangers. They were color coordinated to match the lovely bridesmaids dresses, I also liked the diamond details on the wedding dress.  Leila then had her hair finished being styled and her vale put in. She got into her wedding dress with the help of her mum and then a very special moment, dad walked into the room and saw her for the first time. After a big hug Leila passed a small box the her dad with personalised cuff links in. I then made my way to Clifton Pavilion to see Sean and his best men. Guests were arriving and making they're way to the wedding ceremony room. The bridesmaids arrived first followed by th…