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Paul & Danni Wedding at Coombe Lodge

On Friday 16th November I captured the #wedding of Paul and Danielle at Coombe Lodge. It was quite a mild day with a thick cloud in the sky, for me it was perfect conditions considering the time of the year and I hope guests would spend a little time outside in the afternoon. My morning started with Danni and she was about to get her make-up applied. The bridesmaids arranged all the dresses and popped open a bottle of bubbly. Everybody seemed relaxed and excited for the day ahead.  I went to see Paul who was with his best man for final preparations once they were both ready they went downstairs to meet the ushers and get the button holes in. Guests started to arrive in the reception area and I popped back upstairs to see Danni in her wedding dress. Dad was outside the room amd it was a lovely moment capturing him see his daughter ready for the first time. Guests started to take their seats in the wedding ceremony room and Paul got himself and his groomsmen to the top of the aisle. The…

Sean & Anna Wedding Tortworth Court

On Saturday 3rd November I captured the #wedding of Sean and Anna at Tortworth Court. It was a cloudy day and a light wind in the air. My day started with Anna and her bridal party. Helen Farely stylist was sorting out hair and Anna was having her make-up applied. One bridesmaid helped sort out all the dresses and I was able to capture a lovely shot along with all the shoes and jewelry. Once Anna had her hair styled one of the bridesmaids popped open a bottle of bubbly and everybody had a big cheers shot.

I went to see Sean and his best men who were on the final stages of preparations, everybody was relaxed and helping each other out especially when it came to the button holes. Once all the gents were ready we went outside for a few group shots and the best men had found a bottle of Prosecco to pop open. I went back to see Anna who was now in her wedding dress and it was time for her son and dad to see her for the first time. It was a really special moment and it was lovely to capture…

Tyler & Jade Wedding at Cadbury House

On Friday 2nd November I captured the #wedding of Tyler and Jade at Cadbury House. The weather was amazing with blue skies and winter sunshine. My day started with Jade, her bridesmaid's, mum and her children. Make Up by Sally was busy applying makeup to the final bridesmaid then Jade was up. I managed to capture the dresses together and all the shoes.  The florist arrived with the bouquets and the purple diamonds inside each rose petal looked amazing, Jade was very pleased with them. Once I had some make-up shots of Jade I went to see Tyler as he had now arrived. I got some groomsmen shots with his usher and Bestman outside before Tyler went of to meet and greet guests. Everything covered had decorated the wedding ceremony room with chair conversant they had also add a lot of decoration to the wedding breakfast room. Guests started to take a seat in the ceremony room and I went back to Jade to see final preparations. It was dads turn to walk in the room and see Jade for the first …