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Luke & Jenna Wedding at Clevedon Hall

On Saturday 20th April I captured the #wedding of Luke and Jenna at Clevedon Hall. It was another glorious day with the sun out and temperatures very warm. My day started over the cottages with Jenna and her bridesmaid's. The was a hair and make-up station. Jenna was having her hair styled, mum was on drinks duties and Sophie one of the bridesmaids was curling Ella's hair. It was very relaxed and everybody was getting on with preparations very well. 
Just before Jenna moved access to her bridal room there was a chance to pop open a bottle of bubbly and have a cheers shot. At Clevedon Hall I set up all the dresses and captured the details. Jenna began to have her make-up applied and as breakfast arrived I decided to find Luke. He was at the pub opposite outside in the gardens with his groomsmen meeting and greeting guests. Luke and the groomsmen finished they're drinks and drove to the front doors of Clevedon Hall. I showed one of the groomsmen how to put the bottom holes in and then I captured a group shot and a walking shot. Sam Eason Music was was set up and performing a selection of acoustic song while guests took there seats. I went back to see Jenna having her dress done up and the moment her dad saw her for the first time. There was a lovey ilse walk and the wedding had 3 beautiful readings.
After the wedding, Sam set up outside and started to perform more amazing music. This really added to the atmosphere, there was was also a big surprise when father of the bride got on the mic and did a duet with Sam. Black rose photography set up the big group shot followed by the group pictures. I went of into the wedding breakfast room to capture the details, guests were called to the room shortly afterwards to sit down. Jenna and Luke went on a romantic shoot around the grounds before being called in for the wedding breakfast. The speeches were very entertaining. Guests were up cheering, singing and there was also a lot of laughter. 
My evening started by getting special guest messages with the help of a bridesmaid and usher. Guests relaxed in the gardens while the party room was being set up. Once the cake had been cut Kieran ClarkeEntertainment announced the first dance followed by the bride and dad dance. Afterwards there was one last surprise and dad had arranged for a little tribute to Boyzone. Dad and 4 friends took to the dance floor with mics and sang. This kick started the party and the dance floor soon filled up. Congratulations Luke and Jenna x

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