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Ben & Natalie

On Friday 18th May I captured the #wedding of Ben and Natalie at Tracy Park. It was a glorious day with sunshine and rather warm temperatures. My day started with Natalie at her parents house, a hair station in one room and make-up in another. Natalie was busy having her hair styled and after capturing a few shots I decided to get all the dresses together, shoes and jewelry. Natalie's flowers arrived and looked fab, all the flower girls had a necklace and seeing Natalie but on her daughters was a lovely moment. Natalie sorted out her sons hair and we all went into the garden for a few shots as everybody was wearing personalised clothing. It was also Natalie's birthday so she popped open a bottle of bubbly and everybody had a big cheers shot.
When I arrived at Tracy Park I checked out the ceremony room that had chair covers provided by Enchanted Wedding, Events & Parties Bristol. I then met Ben with the button wholes and after they were put on captured a shot of him and his best man along with a walking shot. Guests started to arrive and not long after a limo with all the bridal party arrived. Guests then took their seats as Natalie arrived in a white Jaguar. There was a choir performing as the bridal party walked up the aisle, they also sang through the signing of the register and the walk out.
The afternoon started with a confetti shot and a dove release, guests got a welcome drink and the children had a big white bouncy castle to play on. Golf buggies arrived and took Ben and Natalie to a few special places on the golf course. Barry the photographer captured some personal shots and I captured a few walking shots. When we got back I went to the wedding breakfast room to capture the detail shots. Just before the wedding breakfast there was just enough time to capture a bouquet toss caught by a bridesmaid.
I was invited to sit in the wedding breakfast and had a lovely 3 course meal that I am very thankful for. There was a surprise between the main and desert when one of the waiters dropped lots of cutlery, he got up from the floor and had a microphone. He started to sing and kick start a party for half an hour with a number of different song and lots of dancing guests. After the speeches I captured a lovely family walk on hole 18, with mums help got many special guest messages.

At 7pm guests were called to the party room where there was a sweet table and a small wedding cake but a gigantic tower of Krispy Kreme donuts. After the cake cut there was the first dance and the father of the bride took to the dance floor to have a dance with Natalie. The party had a surprise Elvis act who sang a number of hits to a packed dance floor. My evening ended in spectacular style with a fireworks display. Congratulations Ben and Natalie Clark x


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