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Sam & Tess Wedding at Kingscote Barn

On Friday 25th of January I captured the #wedding of Sam and Tess at Kingscote Barn. Once again the weather was lovely for January with a mild temperature, blue sky and a few clouds. My day started with Tess and her bridal party, there were hair stations and a make up artist. All of the dresses were in a separate room along with the shoes and jewelry. The rings were also with Tess and they were presented in a lovely engraved box. Back with the bridal party and Tess was having her hair finished when a lovely surprise from Sam's best women. 
It was a presents with some ear rings and a little bottle of champagne and a personalised glass. I went to Sam's room to see his final prep and the bridesmaids arrived with a special present from Tess. Lots of small gifts and a few rare bottles of Sam's favorite cider. I then went to see Tess who was now in her wedding dress and her mum was helping do all the buttons up. Shortly after Tess's dad came in for a first look and Tess's step dad came in for a first look, both were lovely moments. In the wedding room and guests were arriving and the ushers showed them to their seats. After Sam and the best women had met with the registrars they made they're way to the ceremony room. Tess came down the stairs from her room to be greeted by her bridal party for the first time and there were some tearful bridesmaid's, Tess looked amazing. The bridal party then made they're way up the Isle followed by first Tess and her step dad and then Tess and her dad for the remainder of the walk.
The wedding went very well and as the happy couple walked back up the aisle guests throw lots of confetti from both sides. Drinks were served in the main reception area before guests headed outside. Lee Hatherallphotography arranged the group shots and then the personal shots. A short drive up the hill gave us the chance to capture some lovely shots with the amazing landscapes. When we got back to Kingscote Barn I went into the wedding breakfast room and captured the details, lots of individual pictures of the top table was a lovely and funny touch. Strawberry Field Catering served up a wonderful wedding breakfast and I was lucky enough to get a main and a desert. The speeches followed and all were great. The best women had a couple of videos that left guests in stitches and many memorable pictures that also went down well.
My evening started by getting special guest messages from family and friends, special thanks to Scott for helping me with these. There were also some sparklers for guests to enjoy and a fire pit for dipping marsh mallows on sticks in. The party room was ready and just as guests entered the room it was time for the cutting of the cake. After it was time for the first dance followed by father of the bride and and bride dance. Then it was a very special and emotional moment when Tess shared a dance with her step dad. Guests joined on the dance floor and that brought an end to a magnificent day. Congratulations Sam and Tess x

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