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Nick & Kelly Wedding at Cadbury House

On Saturday the 22nd of December I captured the #wedding of Nick and Kelly at Cadbury House. It had been forecast for bad weather but thankfully the storms had decided to stay away. It was really good weather and lighting was perfect. My day started with Kelly and her bridesmaid's, there were hair and make-up stations and everybody was very organised. I captured dress and shoe details while capturing the stages of Kelly's makeup. In the wedding ceremony room Enchanted Weddings and events had decorated the room with a couple of trees, balloons,  chair covers and candle lanterns. 
Nick and his groomsmen were gathering in the bar area, I got them outside to capture a walking shot and I got to see the wedding rings. Back with Kelly and she was having the finishing touches to her hair before getting into her wedding dress. The bridesmaids were being very helpful either helping with the dress or keeping watch over the children. Guest were arriving in the bar area and we're invited to take their seats in the wedding ceremony room. Nick and his groomsmen walked up the aisle and patiently awaited the arrival of Kelly and her bridal party. Kelly was escorted up the aisle by her son and it was a beautiful moment. 
After the wedding with the weather being good Lee Hatherallphotography took nick and Kelly outside for romantic shots. Bridal party shots and group shots followed before we all went back inside to the bar for a welcome drink and warmth. In the wedding breakfast room Enchanted Weddings and events had been busy decorating the room, it look amazing. I particularly liked the tree center pieces with led lighting. Guest were then invited to take their seats for the start of the wedding breakfast. The speeches followed and I really enjoyed all of them, some funny stories lots of laughter and presents given out.
My evening started with sparklers, guests firmed to lines outside for nick and Kelly to walk down. It was really effective and I captured some lovely footage. I then got special guest messages from family and friends before going to the party room. South West magic mirror was set up for guests to enjoy. The first dance followed the cutting of the cake and Kieran ClarkeEntertainment had dry ice and a confetti cannon to really add special effect. My evening ended capturing dancing on the dance floor and guests enjoying the magic mirror. Congratulations Nick and Kelly x


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